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Eureka IIEC

Imaging your products and services in front of 400 potential customers, business partners or investors, and get connected to the entrepreneurs in Australia and abroad.


This is the opportunity we offer to the 30 selected innovative businesses to pitch in an international competition and network with partners and stakeholders.


What it is?

An entrepreneurial pitch competition for start-ups / small businesses / technology innovators who are interested to showcase in front of international investors and business partners.


The competition will be judged by experienced entrepreneurs, investors, business professionals and domain expertise. 


There are 4 focused industry sectors:

  • Healthcare and Biotechnology 

  • Advanced Manufacturing  

  • IT & Digital Tech 

  • Food & Agriculture



Why enter? 

  • Perfect your pitch to win a top price of AUD$20,000

  • Expand your network and gain partnership through Eureka global operation, i.e. Israel, Europe and Aisa.

  • Opportunity to gain first handed experience in an emerging market and learn insights


Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Eureka IIEC) is an annual event hosted by Eureka Technology Innovation and Investment in collaboration with the leading innovation organizations and service providers crossing Australia and China. In the past four years, the event attracted thousands of teams to enroll and compete for a top prize of $20,000 and the following support on resources and finance, through pitching in front of judges consists of entrepreneurs, business specialists, and investors.

What Participants Say

The competition took the research and technology innovation to a global stage

We gained insights to tailor business strategy and marketing approaches for specific segment (through the connections with partners and investors)

Focused Areas

AI technology, VR technology, data mining, blockchain, sensor technology, intelligent control, robotics, 5G technology, etc.




 ​Digital Tech






Biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical devices, aged care, etc. 

Advanced Manufacturing



New materials, clean energy, Additive manufacturing, industry 4.0 system, etc. 




Functional food, agricultural devices, agricultural product processing, biomass, etc.

Eureka IIEC List

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