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2020 EUREKA International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition

Online | End of July

ABOUT 2020 Eureka iiec

This is the 3rd time Eureka hosts the IIEC. This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services in front of potential customers, business partners or investors, and get connected to the network in Australia and abroad, through Eureka global operation, i.e. Israel, Europe and Asia. This is the opportunity we offer to the 30 selected innovative businesses to pitch in an international competition and network with partners and stakeholders.


Through last year’s events, the winning teams, such as Seamless and Dr Glitter successfully obtained fund to further develop their prototype products and build business partnerships.  

Once again, we acknowledge the partnership with China-Jinan International High Level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Shortlisted teams of 2020 Eureka IIEC will have opportunity to enter the international competition with teams from USA, Europe and Asia to compete for additional price (up to $10,000) and gain access to business networks, partnerships and funding support. The winner of the competition will be able access designated government fund (up to $1 million, conditions apply) and business facilitation services. 

Will 2020 Eureka IIEc be different from previous iiecs?

Yes, we will do it differently this year!

We are going to be online!

No more worries for the cost and hustle of travel to the competition venue. It is just a click away!

Focused Areas

Information Technology


Digital Technology

AI Technology, VR Technology, Data Mining, Blockchain, IoT, Smart City, 5G technology and related




Innovative Materials, Clean Energy, Industry 4.0 System, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and related





Biomedical Technology, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Precision Health,  Nutraceutical, Aged Care and related





Functional Food, Novel food processing technology, Digital agriculture, Agricultural processing technology, Sustainable Farming, Biomass and related


First Prize

Eureka Award for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

AUD $20,000 

Second Prize 

Eureka Award for Acceleration in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

AUD $2,000 


Third Prize

Eureka Award for Growth in Innovation and Entrepreneurship,

AUD $500

important dates

Application open: 8th of  May

Application close: 8th of  June

Release of finalists: 26th of June

Information session: 2 sessions, 2nd and 9th of July

Pitch competition:25th of July

Eureka Innovation & Entrepreneurship mission (subject to travel feasibility) 1-15 September 2020.

register NOw!

Register online to attend the live 2020 Eureka IIEC Zoom session

Application closed

Apply directly to 2020 Eureka IIEC

Download and fill in the “Application Form” , email both application form and business plan to

Download and fill in the “Business Plan” , email both application form and business plan to



Here we are delighted to announce the winners of the 3rd Eureka International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (IIEC)


The Eureka Award for Excellence is awarded to the team led by Prof Huiru Zhang, from Connoisseur Life Science & Technology (China). Huiru has assembled a team with strong IPs and global academic reputation in the field of gut health, sensor discovery and data analytic, nano-materials for gut microcirculations and healthcare applications. The project aims to develop a platform technology to monitor intestinal behaviour, evaluate data to draw insights and thus provide health evaluation and treatment strategies. The team has already been building relationships with the commercial partners and ready for the next steps of acceleration.


We would like to congratulate the 10 teams, standing out from the high calibre of the participants this year. They won the awards in the categories of Eureka Award for Acceleration and Eureka Award for Growth. The teams will be awarded cash prize respectively. The teams and leaders are listed in below.


All these 11 teams earned the finalist spots in the final competition in Jinan (China), which will be held in the week of 7th – 13th September 2020 (date to be confirmed, more information will become available soon).
























In the final competition, the teams will head on with the candidates from USA, Europe and Asian. The final winners will be awarded additional cash prize and will have opportunities to build collaborations and partnerships with local players to further develop business opportunities.


Congratulations to all!


Wish you all the very best in the final competition.


Eureka Award for Excellence

Intestinal microcirculation fingerprint evaluation platform for healthcare - Huiru Zhang

Eureka Award for  Acceleration

Optimizing Regenerative Therapy for Diabetics with Artificial Intelligence - Cam Potter

Microchannel Ceramic Membrane for Industry Usage - Xin Shao

Pronto Bottles - Shannon Gilleland

Eureka Award for  Growth

Blackchain based e-invoice and signing service -  Van Cuong Bui


WARMR - Olavi Siikki


OsseoFrame - Proof of concept - Stuart Douglas 


Industrialization of Edible Coating for Meat Products - Pangzhen Zhang


Laboratory Quality Results in Minutes - Stephen Trowell


Unbleached paper green manufacturing using corn straw - Mingli Cao


Lisa Lu.jpg

Dr. Lisa Lu, Project Manager

We are here to help!

If you have any questions about our competition, please feel free to contact our Project Manager Dr.Lisa Lu.


Lisa obtained her PhD degree at the School of Chemical Engineering of the University of New South Wales. She has more than 8 years of experience in research, project management and industry engagement. 

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