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We believe cooperation brings win-win. We are looking forward to having you in our partners group.

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With CSIRO | Embedded Functional Technologies for IP Protection

CSIRO is is an independent Australian federal government agency responsible for scientific research. We are working together in boosting the commercialization of embedded functional technologies for IP.

Embryonic Stem Cells

With CCRM Australia| Spotlight Partner

CCRM was established through Victorian Government funding to speed up commercialistion of regenerative medicine-based technologies and cell and gene therapies. It is based at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute within Monash University. As we have our own funding scheme - Eureka research fund on supporting stem cell research, we are glad to collaborate with CCRM Australia as Spotlight Partner to boost Australia’s Regenerative Medicine sector together.

what we have done

with our excellent partners

It's proud that we have built a successful partnership with global partners so far. We are together with our partners to create more opportunities for the tech-innovation & investment ecosystem. Here are some partnership cases listed below.

Chart & Stethoscope

With Australia China Health Accelerator| UprAsia Education Program

ACHA is an independent not-for-profit organization registered in Victoria Australia, which is established for accelerating collaboration and development in the health and medical research sector of Australia and China. Uprasia program was initiated by ACHA and supported by Victoria government and Eureka TechIN. It is designed to help startup founders and executives understand Asian markets and develop strategies and relationships to enter markets with optimal productive relationships.

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With the LaunchPad Laboratory of Deakin University | Energy Up - SummerTech LIVE

SummerTech LIVE is a program that delivers business problem-solving through high-value industry-education collaboration and aims to accelerate technology adoption and innovation. During the summer of 2018/2019, we partnered with the LaunchPad Laboratory to collaboratively mentor students to complete projects that was to solve a current technical problem and inform them how a real business operates and what skills they need to have to be work-ready.​

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With government of Jinan, China | China Jinan Offshore Innovation Base

China Jinan Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents (Victoria, Australia) is a strategic alliance program with Government of Jinan, China. It aims to assist overseas talents for business consultation, entrepreneurship incubation, training, studying and visiting abroad and provide other services to help their business blossom.


With Nanjing Overseas Alumni Innovation Service Center | Nanjing Overseas Alumni Innovation Service Center·Melbourne Office

Nanjing Overseas Alumni Innovation Service Center (NASC) was initiated by  government of Jianye, Nanjing and Nanjing University Alumni Association. We collaborate to set up and assist them to operate the Melbourne office of NASC. It aims to explore the potential of “ Alumni Economy”.

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