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The Partnership Signing Ceremony between Eureka TechIN and BlueMount Capital was successfully held

[20 December 2019, Melbourne] The Strategic Partnership MOU Signing Ceremony between Eureka TechIN and BlueMount Capital was held on 20 December 2019 at the headquarter of Eureka International Group, Melbourne, Australia.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Lizi Li, the General Manager of Eureka TechIN and Mr. Brent Needham, the Executive Chairman of BlueMount Capital signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Mr. Kevin Dong, the Chairman of Eureka International Group; Mr.George Georgiou, the CEO of Eureka International Group; Mr.Stwert Pattison, the general manager of Eureka International Trad; Mr. Micheal Shaw, the Managing Director of BlueMount Capital; Dr. Mona Chung, the Regional Director of China & Asia of BlueMount Capital; Ms. Devon Li, the Financial Analyst of BlueMount Capital also attend the signing ceremony.

Eureka TechIN and BlueMount Capital will update and share resources with each other on a regular basis. Cooperation areas include (but are not limited to), in-depth cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, medical and health care, agri-food and international trade, financing and IPO.

After the signing ceremony, Mr. Brent Needham, the Executive Chairman of BlueMount Capital, delivered a short speech. He said that the BlueMount Capital, as an ASIC licensed capital markets group, now is in a period of vigorous development .they have established offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Also,  the Beijing branch office was set up in 2019, and the Singapore office is planned to be set up this year. In 2020, Blue Mountain Capital will also pay more attention to the Chinese market and will deepen cooperation with Eureka TechIN and explore the global market together.

Then, Intrametica®, the project recommended by Bluemount Capital, introduced its brand and products. Intrametica® is led by renowned Naturopath and Director of Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic – Angela Maree Smith. Angela is passionate about fusing evidenced based bio-medical science, diagnostic testing with nutritional/herbal lifestyle medicine to restore health and wellness to the body. INTRAMETICA® is evidenced based natural medicine formulations to transform your inner beauty! The combination of the three products Collagen Ultimate+, Purify Body Cleanse and Toned Protein Boost Fused together supports beauty by focusing on the foundations- gut, liver, skin and overall nutritional health.



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