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Eureka International Group Strengthens Partnership with Croatia

April 10, 2024


Eureka International Group held a productive meeting with Mr. Joseph Gene Petrić, the Consul General of Croatia in Melbourne. This visit aimed to enhance bilateral communication and explore investment opportunities in Croatia. The Croatian Consulate General expressed strong support for Eureka’s initiatives in the country.


Why Croatia?


As a new member of both the Eurozone and Schengen Area, Croatia offers significant strategic advantages, serving as a key gateway between Asia-Pacific and Europe. This makes it an ideal location for Eureka International Group's investments. After a year of research and preparation, Eureka plans to accelerate its business development in Croatia starting in 2024, focusing on sectors such as economic zones, industrial parks, construction, real estate, healthcare, technology, new energy, and tourism.


Since 2023, Eureka has been actively expanding into the Croatian market, positioning itself strategically in this crucial European gateway.


Meeting Highlights


George Georgiou, CEO of Eureka International Group, welcomed Consul General Petrić and provided an overview of the company's history and operations. Eureka TechIN, a strategic division of Eureka, also participated in the meeting.


May Lee, Marketing manager of Eureka TechIN, outlined the core business areas and announced plans to host the annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Zagreb this October. This event aims to boost Eureka's presence in Croatia and identify promising innovation projects for investment and mentorship.


Consul General Petrić discussed the responsibilities of the Croatian Consulate General in Melbourne and pledged full support for Eureka's business initiatives in Croatia.


The meeting included in-depth discussions on future collaboration, with both parties expressing optimism about the partnership's potential. The visit concluded with an Australian-style morning tea, where further details and future prospects were discussed in a relaxed setting.


This visit marks a significant step in strengthening the relationship between Eureka International Group and Croatia. It demonstrates Eureka's commitment to global expansion and Croatia's openness to international cooperation and investment.


As Eureka's operations in Croatia grow, the partnership will extend beyond economic interests to include cultural and educational exchanges, fostering comprehensive bilateral relations.



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