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The 4th Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 held successfully

On July 24, 2021, the 4th Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition 2021 was successfully held online in Melbourne.

The competition focuses on 4 industries including Information Technology and Digital Technology, Food and Agriculture, Advanced Manufacturing, and Biotechnology and Healthcare. There are 124 groups participated the competition and the shortlisted teams presented their entrepreneurship and innovation to the judges' group.

Since 2018, the competition has been successfully held for three times, and won a strong participation and acknowledgement in front of those stakeholders with a spirit of innovation and risk-taking in the innovative and entrepreneurship industry. It gradually becomes an annual gathering of scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and business decision makers.

As organizer, George Georgiou, the CEO of Eureka International Group, addresses on the competition. In his speech, he spoke honourably as the organizer for 4 consecutive years and its participation in the competition to meet those innovative entrepreneurs who dare to take on the role, and to witness the continuous innovation and progress of this era. At the same time, he also expressed the sincere expectations of the group and himself for the competition, hoping that in the future, Eureka can continue to work with these adventurers to make more contributions to the development of society.

George Georgiou, CEO of Eureka International Group, addressed

During the competition, both participating groups and judges are divided into two groups. Each participating group must brief their projects within 8 minutes and complete a 7-minutes Q&A session with the judges. The judges' group is composed of 10 experts who focus on research in different fields and have a practical understanding of the capitalization of science and technology business.

As always, the competition has received an amount of innovative projects worthy of attention. These projects not only raise their innovation to tackle missing point in the current industry performance, but also imply potential in commercialization and practical feasibility.

Participants' briefing

Q&A Session

Note: The following selected projects are some of the items worthy of attention, and do not represent the final results of the competition and the opinions of the judges.

Advanced Manufacturing - New Gaseous Ion Microscope

This project is to develop a new xenon ion gas ion source, and make significant improvements to the stability and application of the whole machine. This start-up group has mastered the key technologies.

Food and Agriculture-Miaqua

Miaqua takes the environmentally friendly practice as the core, which will actively ensure every stage of the production process as efficient and waste free as possible from the farm level.

Advanced Manufacturing - Intelligent 3D Construction Printing Technology (I3CPT)

FormX (I3CPT) is a platform that allows developers, architects, engineers, product designers, construction firms and fabricators to design & manufacture optimized building and infrastructure solutions thanks to advanced large-scale 3D printing technology. It has developed an industrial base in Melbourne.

Food and Agriculture - CRISPR/Cas9-mediated Secretion of ifN-γ gene-edited Sheep Production

The project aims to achieve efficient expression of human IFN-γ in milk goat's milk through the CRISPR/cas9 system. Previous studies have found that IFN-γ can reduce mastitis from milk goats, but also can reduce viral infection.

The prizes set for the competition is cash-funding support at up to AU$ 20,000 and Eureka TechIN will also devote its part of global networks and partnerships to those prize-winner and will assist them to gain more support funding from different channels. In addition, the 20 winning teams will be expected to participate another international competition in this September. They will have the chance to compete with those winners from Japan, Canada, Finland, Belgium, Russia, China and other countries.



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