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Eureka TechIN invested 50 million RMB to the healthcare industry unicorn startups ANMI

April 6, 2021, the signing ceremony of the strategic investment agreement between Eureka TechIN and ANMI was held in Shenzhen, China. Eureka TechIN committed 50 million RMB (approximately 10 million AUD) to invest ANMI for Series A round of financing. With the latest round of financing valued at 1 billion RMB, ANMI is one of the unicorn startups in the Chinese healthcare industry.

Eureka TechIN has been committing to promote international matchmaking for technology transfer, capital raising and investment resources. Over the past few years, we paid more attention to the biomedical and healthcare sector and expect to introduce our resources and capital to the valued healthcare enterprises and establish a more complete ecosystem in this industry.

The CEO of ANMI, Mr. Tao Qin said:“ We are honored to establish the strategic partnership with Eureka TechIN. Through the strategic partnership, we will expand the overseas market further by leveraging Eureka's resources in the international market. With capital support, we are able to accelerate our business. We had business cooperation with Eureka a few years ago and recognise its business philosophy. The Chinese biopharmaceutical industry and Australian medical industry have great complementarity, and we value Eureka's advantages in technology and resources, and also would like to boost the whole development of healthcare industry.”

Eureka TechIN will assist ANMI to unlock the next step of development, including helping ANMI to partner with renowned Orthopedists and establish a sports rehabilitation center for knee joints, and also establish a large Cancer research institute with thousands of square meters.

About ANMI

Founded in 2016, ANMI is equipped with the biomedical expert panel and focuses on the research of malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases, immune cell therapy for Hepatitis B, tissue injury, stem cell therapy for degenerative diseases, and other related filed. ANMI is aiming to explore life with big data, internet and artificial intelligence engines and help people to manage their health in a better way.



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