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Eureka research fund for immunology and virology is launched

[ 9 April 2020, Melbourne ] Eureka research fund for immunology and virology is officially launched by Eureka TechIN on 9 April 2020, Melbourne. This fund is set up to support the research innovation activities in Australia which address the emerging health concerns.

There is an initial commitment of $500,000 fund to support 3 research areas: Immunity, Stem cell and Anti-virus & Anti-bacteria. With the rapid development of COVID-19 virus, the call for the first round of applications will be focused on anti-virus research. This fund can be used for strengthening the collaboration, starting new initiatives or appointing fellowships. We hope that this fund can assist the research efforts to be accelerated to find a cure or vaccine for the current situation. We welcome more partners to join the action and strongly support the scientific research community.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, we moved the launch ceremony online. Ms. Michelle Xu, the general manager of Eureka TechIN, announced the launch of Eureka research fund for immunology and virology. Advisory Board members, Dr Ruchong Ou, Associate Professor David Anderson and Professor Paul Hertzog delivered speeches to introduce their expertise and iterate the purpose of the fund. In addition, we are very pleased to receive strong support from our partners around the world.

The Expression of Interest for fund application has been opened on our website.  Submit your EOI now!  Let’s make positive impact together.

For more information about the fund, please visit EUREKA RESEARCH FUND PAGE.


Media release about the fund launch

  • Australian Financial Review:



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