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EpiDisease Supported by EurekaTechIn Will Land in Zhejiang China

Invited by the hosts of the 10th Zhejiang Tour of Overseas Talents, the 2nd Innovation & Entrepreneurship Trip to China in 2018 was held in Zhejiang Province of China between 17th December and 21st December. The 10th Zhejiang Tour of Overseas Talents is hosted by Science Technology Department of Zhejiang Province China and Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, and supported by Zhejiang Provincial Government and Tsinghua University. The event provided an outstanding platform and diversified resources for the development and growth of overseas start-up teams.

More than 130 representatives from over 20 countries gathered in Zhejiang Province with their technology innovation and entrepreneurship programs. They visited six cities and learned deeply the innovation and entreprenurship policies, business environment, culture and market needs in Zhejiang. More than 30% of the representatives intended to mutually collaborate with local enterprises and technology parks.

As the official partner of the event, Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment (EurekaTechIn) proactively supported the hosts in carrying out various activities. EurekaTechIn recommended and brought five innovative and entrepreneurial programs in all to attend the event:

1. ScoliPro®- a novel diagnostic and prognostic test for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

2. EmbedIT: Nano Quantum Dots Embedded Confidence for IP Protection

3. Artificial Intelligence-based Colorectal Cancer Screening Platform

4. Intelligent Finance Management Platform under the Big Data

5. Ternary Lithium-ion polymer batteries of New Energy Cars

It was the first time for many participants to visit China. The participants made pitches, visited local innovation precincts and parks and enterprises in Zhejiang Province, and connected with the governments, investors and other industry practitioners. EpiDesease-ScoliPro® was highly praised by the event organizers, the Government of Zhejiang and investors. It will be land in Zhejiang Province soon with the help of EurekaTechIn and the Government.

The Representative of EpiDisease S.L.

The Representative of EpiDisease S.L.


To find out more information about EpiDisease and ScoliPro®, please click here.



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