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CSIRO Functional Powders Team accelerating business via international collaboration

[20 December 2019, Melbourne] The Research & Development Collaboration Signing Ceremony between Eureka TechIN and CSIRO ( Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ) was held on 20 December 2019 at the headquarter of Eureka International Group, Melbourne, Australia.

Prior to the signing ceremony, experts from Eureka TechIN technical team and scientists from CSIRO conducted in-depth discussions on the advanced nanotechnology R&D collaboration through a conference call.

At the signing ceremony, Dr. Lizi Li, the General Manager of Eureka TechIN and Dr.Adrian Trinchi, Scientist and Team Leader of CSIRO, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties. Mr. Kevin Dong, the Chairman of Eureka International Group; Mr.George Georgiou, the CEO of Eureka International Group; Mr.Stwert Pattison, the general manager of Eureka International Trad; Dr. Shirley Shen, Scientist and Acting Group Leader of CSIRO also attend the signing ceremony.

CSIRO Functional Powders Team has successfully applied for and received the China Government’s “5150” Grant and CSIRO SME Connection Kickstart Found through working together with Eureka TechIN. The Functional Powders Team participated and won the “Eureka Award for Excellence in Innovation and Entrepreneurship” at 2018 Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Eureka IIEC 2018 ).

Eureka TechIN recognised the commercial value of the “Embedded Functional Technologies” project proposal from the Team and since then, has established comprehensive cooperation to develop a novel nano technology and explore the opportunities for international commercialisation.

Over the past one and half years, Eureka TechIN has helped this project to find new industrial applications, R&D funding, and manufacturing partners in China. Through working together, CSIRO Functional Powders Team has confidence to develop its project in China. CSIRO and Eureka TechIN believe that this project has a promising future in the global market, thanks to the collaboration.



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