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2019 Eureka Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mission To China-Jinan Station|Aussie Team Won 6 Awards!

On July of 2019, 2019 Eureka Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mission to China - Jinan station was held at Jinan, Shandong Province of China. As the host of China (Jinan) New Growth Drivers International High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest - Australian Division,  Eureka TechIn brought 31 innovation and entrepreneurship teams and 3 experts of technology innovation and investment to attend the finals on July 21st in Jinan. This mission was aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the Chinese business market and seek more chances to enter the local market.

There were 190 outstanding projects selected from 4 overseas divisions (Australia, Europe, America, and Asia) and  2 domestic divisions (North China and South China)in the finals to compete for the final prize. All projects are focused on four areas: Healthcare; Advanced Manufacturing; IT & Digital Tech; Food & Agriculture. In this fierce competition, 6 excellent projects from Aussie Team which recommended by Eureka TechIn won awards, including one first prize, one second prize, three third prizes, and one “Team Worth Tens of Millions Yuan Award”.

At the same time, Eureka TechIn was awarded the “Outstanding Organization Award” and “Outstanding Project Promotion Award ”. Eureka TechIn, as China Jinan Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Oversease Talents Innovation Relay Centre(Victoria, Australia), it was second year to organize Australia division contest and be awarded “Outstanding Organization Award”.

After the competition, for boosting cooperation between overseas projects and local enterprises, Jinan government arranged Networking and Matchmaking Session for all participants and invited them to visit local innovation precincts and parks and local enterprises.

On the 22nd of July, the four-day "2019 Eureka Innovation and Entrepreneurship China-Jinan Station" was successfully concluded. Compared with last year, the overall process was more complete and considerate. We believe chance favors the prepared mind, so we held “Information and Coaching Session” prior to the finals to help our participants better understand Chinese business market, also invited experts and participants of last year to hold “pre-departure session” to share their opinions and experiences.

So far, our projects have received a lot of invitations about cooperation intentions from local governments and enterprises, Eureka TechIn is also actively following up on the subsequent collaboration, let us look forward to more good news. we are also looking forward to cooperating with your project and creating more possibilities together!



First Prize

Next Generation Prebiotic Milk for Gut Health and Brain Development

Dr.Jared Raynes and his team

MilkPLUS is unlocking the path to produce natural healthy gut management and brain development products through a deep understanding of the κ-casein protein. κ-Casein is the only casein protein in milk that has prebiotic carbohydrate molecules attached to it, which have been shown to promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, whilst preventing the growth of disease-causing pathogens and has also been shown to improve learning development in animal models.Our research has identified a specific κ-casein variant and demonstrated its unique characteristics through a natural selection process.

Second Prize

Inwentech: ChestPhan4D - An Australian invention for better fighting cancers

Mr.Chuandong Wen and his team

INWENTECH invented an award-winning medical device, ChestPhan4D, that improves radiotherapy imaging & treatment of lung/breast cancers for better tumor targeting and location movement induced by patient respiration in 2013. ChestPhan4D is a human-like, dynamic thorax phantom consisting of an expandable ribcage driven by motors, fitted with skin/female breasts (for breast cancer treatment) on outside, a moveable heart and breathing lungs inside ribcage. It represents an average human thorax in clinical environment, and effectively imitates respiratory and cardiac movements of individual patient with “bio-fidelity” superior to any existing products.

Third Prize

Computational modelling of the atherosclerosis growth mechanisms for individualised detection and management of heart attacks

Dr.Yuqing  Feng and his team

Atherosclerosis as the cardiovascular disease has been termed as the No.1 serial killer in the world. This project aims to apply the developed novel computer model to assess its initiation, progression and failure prediction for the individualised case. In addition to aiding the development of therapeutic drugs, this proposed modelling framework is anticipated to have applications in patient-centric management of preventing heart attacks and stroke. 

Apple+: a revolution in apple business

Dr.Danyang Ying

Around thirty percent of all food produced is ‘lost’ without ever getting into the human food chain. Fortunately, food loss conversion into foods is an increasing driving force for new product and ingredient development. There are 60-70% of apples (> 180,000 tonnes) that don’t meet supermarket specifications and are poorly defined as “secondary” or even “third-grade”, while 25-35% of apple after juicing is waste as pomace (>25,000 tonnes). However, the apple pomace from low or high grade apples is an edible part of the fruits and contains valuable nutritious components, just like the apples themselves. Apple pomace contains polyphenols, dietary fibres, protein and essential nutrients, which now normally goes to animal feed or compost.

There is a market gap for retrieving the lost nutrients of apple and creating value from apple pomace, which can produce more high-value apple products. The nutritional components in apple pomace degrades very rapidly therefore it is a huge challenge to stabilise and retain the bioactives and nutritional components while processing this material into stable food ingredients.   

We have developed a process for stabilising the nutritional components in apple pomace so as to deliver an industry revolution in multiple apple pomace based food ingredients products that are highly nutritious and rich in bioactives and dietary fibre.We plan on rolling out a versatile apple products range to Australian and global consumers.

Seamless : User tracking security system based on connected devices and blockchain

Dr. Alssio Bonti and his team

Seamless is a user and equipment tracking security system based on connected devices and a temper proof blockchain system for commercial buildings. It is extremely affordable to implement and non invasive as it requires no structural changes to the existing buildings. Although security is our first target, our end goal is data, by being able to record building behaviour (tracking or users), we can create optimization models for energy, climate and space scheduling. We collaborate and base part of our project with IBM Research, who has developed the Intelligent Building Service. This has proven to reduce energy costs by up to 30%.

Team Worth Tens of Millions Yuan Award

 Pacifik Biopharm - The development and commercialization of innovative small nucleic acid gene drugs for cancer immunity and small molecular targeting drugs

Dr. Die Wang and his team

Pacifik Biopharm Project focuses on the development and commercialization of innovative small nucleic acid gene drugs for cancer immunity and small molecular targeting drugs. As a leading expert, Professor Bryan Williams, academician of the Australian, American and New Zealand, creatively put forward the theory of bi-functional small nucleic acids with immunostimulatory activity in the world, that is, after an ingenious modification, siRNA can not only retain the role of RNAi interference, but also activate the therapeutic effect of the human immune system, so this discovery opens up new directions for cancer and immune precision treatment. At the same time, the project is seamlessly docked with the ILK cancer treatment project led by academician Williams. The target of integrin ligase research can be designed as the therapeutic target of siRNA drugs. Small molecule ILK inhibitors have the potential to become a new generation of broad-spectrum anti-cancer targeting drugs. The team owns the core technologies and patents of the project, and the related products are in the final stage of research and development, and are expected to enter clinical trials within 2 years.



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