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Nanjing Overseas Alumni Innovation Service Center·Melbourne Office

Nanjing Overseas Alumni Innovation Service Center (NASC) was initiated by Jianye District Government, Nanjing Province and Nanjing University Alumni Association. The establishment of NASC is a further development of collaboration between universities and local markets. NASC aims to explore the potential of “ Alumni Economy”, facilitate and promote the realization of a deeper and higher quality win-win development.

NASC serves all industries and talents that conform to the Chinese national strategy. It relies on Nanjing overseas alumni, overseas high-level talents and high-level research institutes to promote advanced scientific and technological exchanges. Efforts to build a one-stop service platform for overseas alumni technology, talents and projects in Nanjing. Currently, it focused on finance, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, biomedicine, the digital economy, energy conservation and environmental protection, new materials, intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits, etc.


December of 2019, Eureka TechIN proudly became the overseas partner with NASC. We established the Melbourne office of NASC and promote NASC to transforming science and education resources in Nanjing and alumni resources into international development advantages and competitive advantages, it provides tangible policy bonuses and government services to alumni and entrepreneurs in Australia and China.

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