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A vanguard of overseas talents blossoms here

China Jinan Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents (Victoria, Australia) is a strategic alliance program of the Government of Jinan Shandong Province in China and Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment in Australia. It was officially established in May 2018 in Melbourne Australia. It is the first offshore innovation and entrepreneurship Base settled by Jinan Shandong Province in Australia. 

Based on a low-cost, convenient, comprehensive, open, and mature system, the base aims to establish an offshore model that is registering start-ups in China and operating your business in domestic and overseas. As an international integrated entrepreneurial platform, the base will assist overseas talents for business consultation, entrepreneurship incubation, training, studying and visiting abroad and provide other services to help their business blossom.


In terms of business incubation, the offshore base will provide comprehensive services to overseas talents who are interested in starting a business in Jinan, China. The services include but are not limited to policy, intellectual property, technology, and investment. Through the flexible "overseas pre-incubation” model, overseas talents are able to establish and improve your business overseas (out of China). It is predicted that the offshore base will significantly increase the success rate of your business landing and commercialization and reduce the risks for overseas talents to start a business in China. For small to medium enterprises registered in China, the base will collaborate with high-level institutions to provide a range of supporting services. For overseas entrepreneurial programs, the base will assist you to formally incubate after registration.

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