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 July 2018, Shandong Province of China

On July 21st to July 24th of 2018, Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment (EurekaTechIn)’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Trip to China was held in Jinan, Shandong Province of China. As the host of China (Jinan) Overseas High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Australian Division), EurekaTechIn brought 31 innovation and entrepreneurship teams and five experts of technology innovation and investment in total to attend the final competition on July 21st in Jinan.


There were 96 excellent teams from 25 countries competing in the final competition in three different areas: data analysis and new information & computer technology, bio-pharmaceuticals and medical technology, and advanced manufacturing and equipment. Ultimately, teams recommended by EurekaTechIn won seven prizes and Eureka International Group was awarded Outstanding Organization Award.


After the competition, all the participants were invited by the Government of Jinan to visit various innovation precincts and parks and local enterprises in order to commercialize and land excellent programs in Jinan. EurekaTechIn will also proactively support these teams to apply for Jinan Spring City’s “5150” Program to help them better commercialize and land their programs in Jinan.


There are lots of Chinese graduates starting their careers in technology research and innovation fields in Australia. This competition provides them a great opportunity to display their hard work and seek further development for their programs. I wish to bring more excellent programs to China through this competition and reinforce the communication and connection between both Australian and the Chinese enterprises.

—— Mr. Steve Prideaux, Founder and CEO of Digital Investment Group Limited in Australia

Jinan is a city which highly proactively imports overseas business and talents and provides abundant resources to support them. I look forward to collaborating with more enterprises in Jinan to land more advanced and practical technological programs in China."

—— Dr. Shirley Shen, Principle Research scientist at The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation


The First prize

Hydrogen Fuel Cell for Vehicle Direct Current Converter (Team leader: Dr. Dazhong Gu)


The Second Prize

Automatic Fast Pathogen Detection System (Team leader: Dr. Yi Lu)

Heart and Cardiovascular Disease Real-Time Monitoring and Early Intervention Based on Artificial Intelligence (Deep Learning) and Image Processing Algorithms (Team leader: Dr. Qiu Lei)


The Third Prize

Embedded Functional Technologies for Footware IP Protection (Dr. Hong Ying)

Application of Precision Medical Care in the Field of Smart Health Industry (Dr. Weiyi Zhang)


Best Popularity Award

Embedded Functional Technologies for Footware IP Protection (Dr. Hong Ying)


Best Investment Value Award

Automatic fast pathogen detection system (Team leader: Dr. Yi Lu)

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