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immunology and virology


Eureka Research Fund for Immunology and Virology is initiated by Eureka TechIN to support the research innovation activities which address the emerging health concerns.


There is an initial commitment of $500K of fund, which will support 3 fields of research: 

  • Immunity

  • Stem cell

  • Antivirus & anti-bacteria

Eureka TechIN will manage this research fund through the process of application review, monitoring and evaluation to generate the R&D outcomes.

We closely work with our advisory board, which consists of experts in medical research and health services/practices, to maintain the high quality of the research. 

advisory board


A/Prof. David Anderson

Deputy Director of Burnet Institute

Head of Global Health Diagnostics Development Laboratory

Founder and CEO of Nanjing BioPoint Diagnostics

Ruchong Ou.jpg

Dr. Ruchong Ou

Senior Research Fellow of Monash University

Senior Research Fellow of Alfred Hospital


Prof. Paul Hertzog

Director of the Centre for Innate Immunity and Infectious Diseases

Deputy Director of the Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Founder of the Victoria Infection and Immunity Network

Launch video of Eureka research fund

Launch video of Eureka research fund


The Eureka research grant can be used for

  • Fellowship

  • Collaboration

  • Seed grant

  • Research acceleration


With the rapid development of COVID-19 virus, the call for first round of application will be focused on anti-virus research.

To be eligible for our research grant, your project must be based in Australia.

Outcomes for 1st round application

To date, the Eureka Research Fund for Immunology and Virology has resulted in the commitment of $200k to fund 4 research teams for Covid-19 related research. Those 3 research teams and their projects listed below,


Age Matters? Correlation of CoViD-19 Infection Severity with the Immune and Microbiome state in Children, Adults and Elderly


Dr. Samuel Forster and his team, Hudson Institute of Medical Research


Modeling the immune pathogenesis of COVID-19 severity for target immunotherapy 


Prof. Di Yu and his team, The University of Queensland


Antibody neutralization assays for SARS-CoV-2 to measure vaccine- and naturally-acquired antibody responses


Prof. Heidi Drummer and her team, Burnet Institute

2nd round call open date to be announced soon.


Although the first-round EOI is closed, please do not hesitate to email us if you have any inquiry

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