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INWENTECH Pty Ltd (INWENTECH, the company) is an advanced medical instruments manufacturer and supplier, which is based in Melbourne, Australia and established in 2015. INWENTECH invented an award-winning medical device -- ChestPhan4D. , It is a human-like, dynamic thorax phantom, consisting of an expandable ribcage, which can represent an average human thorax in clinical environment. ChestPhan4 improves radiotherapy imaging quality and treatment of lung/breast cancers throughfor better tumor targeting.

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In June of 2019, Mr. Chuan-dong Wen, the Founder & CEO of INWENTECH, participated in and won the first prize in the 2019 Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Eureka IIEC 2019). and then participated in the 2019 Eureka Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mission to China (Eureka IEMC 2019)


ChestPhan4 won the first prize in AIIA 2019 National iAwards and the first prize in the Industry & Prime Industry category and Victorian Government Inspiration of the Year award, which demonstrating the s gainingcritical key support from the Government of Victorian Government.

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Eureka TechIN became a shareholder of INWENTECH in November 2019 and assisted INWENTECH to set up a branch officesubsidiary company in Jinan, China to access the valuable  Chinese and abroadlysurrounding Asian markets.

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