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ACHA Uprasia Founders Education Program 

Expression of Interest now is open for Cohort 3! 


Are you the founder or executive of a health technology startup or an SME who recognise that Asian, especially Chinese markets offer vast opportunity but don’t know how to get there? Do you need expertise advice to work on your Business Plan and Strategy for Asian markets?

The Uprasia Program is designed just for you!


The UprAsia Program is a free education program which is designed to prepare healthtech startup founders and executives for successful entry into Asian, especially Chinese markets. Please visit for more details.


The timeline of Cohort 3 recruitment is below: 

  1. EOI submission: Nov 2019 to 20th Jan 2020

  2. Interview and assessment: 6th Dec 2019 to 24th Jan 2020

  3. Announcement of selected startups: 27th Jan 2020

  4. Startup completion of enrollment form and legal forms: 27th to 31st Jan 2020

  5. Cohort 3 launch and the 1st workshop: 5th Feb 2020


Please send in your EOI now by contacting:


Ms. Candy Han Yue

Program Coordinator

Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA)




Mr. Jason Sun

Chief Executive Officer

Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA)


Register your interest now!

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