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Health is the priority

The Uprasia Education Program is designed to help medical care, biological technology and health startups of the State of Victoria in Australia better understand asian markets via a series of training, trips and events.


China is Australia’s biggest trading partner and is larger than the next three combined (US, Japan and Korea). When innovators and startups are ready to go global and particularly go China, the program can provide education to them to learn more about the Chinese markets, business culture, the system of intellectural property protection, the policies of innovation and entrepreneurship, local laws and regulations, etc. Medical care, biological technology and health fields of the State of Victora in Australia is leading and the Biolmedical Precinct in Melbourne, the capital city of the State of Victora, is well-known around the world. The program plays an importatnt role in facilitating the exchange of science and technology research, production, capital and other resources between Australia and China and enhancing the rate of valuable project grounding and commercialization.

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The Uprasia Education Program is originally deliverered by the Australia China Health Accelerator (ACHA). In October 2018, the Uprasia Education Program was  proud to receive funding from LaunchVic ​among numerous excellent programs under the Health Startup Sector - Round 8. LaunchVic is an independent  startup agency established by the Victorian Government. Its aim is to support startups and investors to sustainably grow and deliver economic and cultural benefits for both Victoria and Australia. The Uprasia Education Program was highly praised by the Victorian Minister for Trade and Investment and the Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy, Mr. Philip Dalidakis, at the LaunchVic funding announcement ceremony. On the 30th November 2018, Eureka Technology Innovation & Investment (EurekaTechIn) and ACHA signed the collaborative funding agreement for the Uprasia Education Program to collaborate in the health and biomedical field further. EurekaTechIn and ACHA cooperate together to accelerate and strengthen the the development of innovation and technology for both Australia and China.

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If you are interested in the Uprasia Education Program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To find out more information about the Uprasia Program, please click the official website.

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