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Currently, our basic service includes but is not limited to the below nine modules.

Start-up Business Consultation

Government Funding Application

Technology and Research Collaboration


Investment and finance

Technology Evaluation

Talent Recruitment Service

( Soon to be available )

Product Ideation and Development 

 Chinese Market Intelligence


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Star Combo Pharma Ltd

Eureka TechIN invested Star Combo prior to its’s listing on the Sydney Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The company has been able to maintain thecontinuous double-digit growth and will continue to expand the current operations to create benefits for serve business partners, customers and employees.

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Eureka TechIN became shareholder of INWENTECH in November 2019 and assisted INWENTECH set up a branch office in Jinan, China to access the valuable  Chinese and surrounding Asian markets.

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Oculus BioMed Pty Ltd

Eureka TechIN recognizeds the R&D capabilities in of Oculus BioMed (OBM) and are very confident in the prospects within the growth opportunities in theing ophthalmic and biomedical market. In October of 2019, Eureka TechIN became a shareholder of OBM and enableboost it to explore broaderbigger Asian market. 

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